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There are traditions in Lebanon that effortlessly highlight the beauty and charm of Lebanese culture. In Lebanon meals are times for family and friends, sharing food and celebrating life, hospitality is highly regarded and music and dance are the life and soul of any occasion. Here at Maroush we take pride in providing our customers with some of the finest Lebanese cuisine in London as well as a truly authentic dining experience. Through the hard work of our talented chefs and passionate staff we are able to maintain a high level of professional excellence when it comes to food preparation, presentation and service. We are known for our generous yet top quality dishes and this will never change. Each Maroush branch has it’s own unique style and atmosphere ranging from fine dining to a quick takeaway but something you can guarantee will always be the same is the quality, no corners are cut and each and every member of staff is determined to make your experience memorable. Respected food critic AA Gill has said, “Everything is dazzlingly fresh, beguilingly fragrant, exotic yet earthy”.